Thursday, March 26, 2015

Do You Believe in Luck? / 행운을 믿으세요?

Grace from Korea here.

I read one interesting article from my English Writing class. It was about the basic shapes of the face. It said 'The Chinese believe that there are eight basic shapes of the face, and each shape shows a special character.' Hmm.. Interesting, isn't it?

Actually, Koreans tend to quite easily believe in physiognomy things. There was even a movie about it 2 years ago. The title was 'Gwan-sang' which means physiognomy in Korean.

[Poster of the movie 'Gwan-sang']

The most interesting paragraph of the article was 

: Square faces usually belong to men, but women can also have them. Men with this kind of face are good at making decisions and keeping to them. They are generous and honest. They put their friends first in everything. Both men and women with square faces are lucky and live a long life.
- from Weaving It Together 2 by Milada Broukal

On the last sentence of the paragraph, it says 'Both men and women with square faces are lucky and live a long life.' So some people were born luckier than others it says, right? There was also a question about it in the book. So I've thought about it and made an answer. Here they are.

Q. Do you believe in luck? Do you believe that some people are naturally luckier than others? Why or why not?

A: I know there Are some days when I feel especially good in the morning starting a new day. But I don't exactly believe in luck. And I don't think there are some people who are naturally luckier than others either. The reason why these kinds of theories came out is there are certainly some people who can make their days seem to be lucky, I think. Some people were born optimistic and they don't care much about little troubles which van be happening everyday. So maybe other people think these optimistic people are lucky because it looks like their things are working out well. But actually, the truth is they get their things worked out well without planning. So eventually, it's less about being lucky, but more about personality.

I enjoyed reading that article and it was fun to answer the question above. :)


  1. I don't believe in physiognomy because it makes no sense.;- (
    Great post Grace!! I loved it!!

  2. I don't believe in physiognomy.
    I think I can make and change my life by myself.
    But sometimes It sounds interesting:D

  3. I don't believe in physiognomy things. If that's true then everybody can be rich by plastic surgery haha