Saturday, April 18, 2015

[SHELF] Real Korean Story told by Real KOREAN

Grace from Korea here.

[SHELF] Real Korean Story told by Real KOREAN

What does SHELF stand for?

 [Second Half English Learning Fun] it is ! :D

I'm planing to make some interesting videos.
I'm sure you all know that I'm taking an amazing English class in my uni ; Audiovisual English. This SHELF project idea is from the class and it's for rest of this semester ! :)

The theme I chose for this project is 'Real Korean Story told by Real KOREAN'
We can talk about Korean language, expressions, and various cultural things !
You know, there's a cultural gap between English and Korean in various ways. I would like to talk about it as a real Korean ! I would like to know what foreigners are curious about Korea and Korean culture as starting my project. So I might take few surveys.

I was looking for some YouTube videos as thinking about my project and I found interesting one.

<Real university life in Korea> from Jina Kim

This might be the similar one I'm thinking about to make. Except I'm not going to take my sleeping scene (no offense !) haha :D

Particular titles can be 
- Korean expressions that mean totally different in English
- What is university like in Korea
- What is usual in Western but unusual in Korea

so far.

I'm looking forward to make some interesting videos.
Please feel free to give me any idea for this project :)

See you soon !