Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#November, My Favourite Month of the Year

Grace from Korea here.

Hi guys, how've you been?

I know some countries are almost quite hot over the year, but in Korea, it's getting chilly these days. My favourite season, WINTER, is actually coming!! yay (Not everyone would be happy about it, but for me, yesss)

Actually, in this month, November, there's my birthday. (haha) Maybe that's why November is my favourite month of the year. Of course I had a great time this year as well, but, I don't know.. I think it's getting less special to have a birthday celebration as we're getting older. Or maybe it's just me.

All of my friends would know that I'm a huge fan of flower bouquets.

es I had a great time. Thank you all.

Well, my birthday is November 11th, and it's kind of one of the lovers' day in Korea, like the Valentine's Day. There's a famous snack? pretzel? in Korea, called 'PEPERO'. They're sticks coverd with chocolate. Since November 11th is 11.11, it looks like a line with sticks, so it became kind of a traditional(?) for young people (also some of the adults too) to give Pepero to lovers and confirm their feelings for each other.

These are Peperos.

So, November 11th is the Pepero Day in Korea. Instersting, right?
I know there's a similar snack in Japan, called 'Pocky' and it seems like they are celebrating kind of a Pocky's Day in Japan, too. I'm sure it's all made up from companies of snacks, but it's still fun.
Yes, since my birthday is also Pepero Day, I've been eating a lot of Peperos on my birthday every year. Many friends were giving me Peperos as a birthday gift !! Thanks to them, it helped me a lot to gain extra weight. haha X)

It's already November 25th, my favourite month is almost passed by...
What are your plans for the winter?(or summer for you guys down there)
I can not wait to do another English Camp this winter ! Can't wait to see those beautiful kids again.
I hope to ace my final exam and enjoy the vacation with full of laughter :)

I'll let you know !

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