Sunday, June 7, 2015

What's Your Dream Job?

Grace from Korea here.

Only 1 more week to go to final examination :(
and I have 1 year left in my university. I'm on my 2nd semester of Junior year.

Recently, as preparing my presentation for English Presentation class, I had this opportunity to think about my future dream job, as well as my career goal. (Maybe it can be same meaning)

So, here's the question.

"What is your dream job?"

When I was a child, adults always asked me about what I want to be in the future. There were many answers had changed many times. As time goes by, there was passion in my heart towards children over the world.

My final goal of my life is having my own foundation to give children in poor countries opportunities that they can learn whatever they want, for free.  Basically, I want to teach them many languages because languages are like a door , a key to the whole new world. I want them to see and experience the world by their own eyes. 

So, that's my long-term goal and my short-term one is getting in educational publishing company.

There was one question what I asked to myself 2 years ago.
It was,

"What do I like?" 

The answers were 'I love kids so much' and 'I love making things for them'.
I searched for occupation by these keywords and I found the job 'Children's Materials Editor' interesting and will be perfect for me !

Children's materials editor makes books or materials for children. I'm more than interested in educational materials and making things for children so I think I'm great fit to educational publisher.

So I'm preparing myself for the job, such as working as an Au-pair and camp counselor at English camp. I would like to make some books before I graduate so that my future job interviewer can see how much I've been wanted this job.

My students from 'Lilac' class at 2015 winter English camp.

With my lovely boys I looked after in Australia.


What's your dream job?
What / How are you preparing for it?
What motivated you to have that dream?

I hope we all can live a life doing what we want to do :)
, doing what we feel happy when we're doing it.

I'll keep up my work for my dream job !
Of course I'll let you know every steps of it.
Wish me luck ! I wish you luck, too :)

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