Saturday, May 23, 2015

영어 면접 연습 - Let's practice interviewing in English !

Grace from Korea here.

I had an opportunity to practice interviewing in English. 
I would like to show you the video of it 
and have lots of feedback and advice from you :)  

Please feel free to give me some ! 

이번에 수업시간에 영어로 인터뷰할 수 있는 기회가 있었는데요~ 
비디오로 녹화해봤어요! 
부디 인터뷰하시는 상관의 입장에서 바라봐주시고, 
많은 피드백 주시면 감사하겠습니다!! :D

As you can see at the last part of the video, I got 3 self-reflection points from it.

I found my self doing eye-rolling too much. 
I don't think I can help myself doing eye-rolling but maybe I should try to do less..

I felt I was answering questions too simple.
So, telling more about my own story would be more impressive to interviewer. 

And follow up to my 2nd opinion, I think I need more specific examples of my past experiences.

What I was impressed by my classmate's interview was she was answering her questions, using her past experiences. Even though I(Imaginary boss to her) was not asking her to answer using her experiences, I was so impressed by her answers. I thought if I was her real boss, I would hire her as my employee :)

I hope I can make another video of interviewing in English,
but advanced one ! :D

I'm more than happy because I'm sure it will help for my future interviews.

Thank you for watching and I'm looking forward to meeting you with another video coming !

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