Saturday, May 23, 2015

찜질방(Jjimjil-bang)? Sauna? Public Bath?

Grace from Korea here.

Have you ever heard of Jjimjil-bang?
Korean Sauna?
It's Korean public bath.
Jjimjil means steam massage in Korean.

This time, I went to Jjimjil-bang to introduce Korean way to enjoy sauna, public bath with my friends Q, Jieun and Sungji.

It's called 'Spaland'.
One of the brand of Korean Jjimjil-bang and it's famous one in Busan city.

To enter the Jjimjil-bang,
we had to change our clothes to Jjimjil-bok.
(bok means clothes)

We had a really great time in there !
We did fun games, took lots of selfies :D haha

And you definitely need to have some snacks in Jjimjil-bang !
There are some typical snacks Koreans enjoy in there.

All these information,
you can find out in my next, coming video :D

Please look forward to it !
I'll do my best editing the video :D haha

See you soon

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