Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Great Experience - Giving a Presentation

Grace from Korea here.

It's getting quite chilly in Korea, how are you over there? :D

Well.. yesterday, December 1st, I had a great opportunity to give a presentation in front of many students and professors from my faculty. The theme of this presentation was 'The programs I've been participated in which has changed my college life'

Since it was the very first time I gave a presentation in a big hall, in front of many people, I was very nervous. But after seeing some sparkles in students' eyes, I got relaxed and confident :) so I could finish my presentation safely after all.

To give you more information about myself, I was really not good at study and hanging out with friends in university until my sophomore year. I had low self-esteem and felt so impotent. I could not help but took a year and a half off.

When I was back to school, I made a brand-new start.

I took my courage to take some special lectures and participate in various programs. As experiences file by, I got more and more confident. I mean, after participating many programs, I was changed a lot because I realized what the real important things in life are. As a result, my grades got so much better and I also could get my high score at TOEIC and Opic test.

So I know how exactly it feels like to not have any reasons to go to school,
to have less confident and low self-esteem. That's why I wanted to give my message to young students (if they were struggling with college life) that they also can be changed.

The presentation went well. (I think :D) It made my day.
It also became one of my precious experiences.

On my way back home, 
I found my university church had a Christmas decoration on. It was so pretty :) 

There it is !
Right, only few more weeks until Christmas. It also means that I have only about 10 more days until my final-exam. I should be prepared for that!

I hope you guys are having a great winter days (or summer days for you living down there).


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