Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy Holiday ! Korean Thanksgiving "Chuseok"

Grace from Korea here.
It's been a long time coming :0

We had a long weekend in Korea because it was Korean Thanksgiving day "Chuseok" last Sunday. When it's Chuseok, we have 3 days off including the day of Chuseok. This time, since it was on weekend, we had Tuesday off too. It was long~ weekend x)

Normally, everybody visits their families during the holiday. But I didn't go to Seoul to visit my family.. I was lazy.. and had lots of assignments to do.. :(
But I was quite satisfied with having chance to read many books after long time.

Yay. Reading time ! haha

The only thing I missed a lot was the traditional Korean Chuseok dish, 'Songpyeon'.
(Sorry mum, of course I miss my family all the time)

It's rice cake, stuffed with sweet things. It's sticky and very tasty.
The day of Chuseok, families gather around and make Songpyeon together.
Yes.. I missed that warmness so much last weekend :(
But it's okay.. I'll look forward to having a New Year's feast. haha

Happy Chuseok everybody ! :D

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