Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Final curtain with lots of tears.. :(

Grace from Korea here.

Hey guys,
Grace here with tears..

So, my final exam ; SPECTACULAR of English conversation 318 has finished. I had my hang-out show with many lovely companies yesterday :) It was so much fun and interesting with full of laughter.

These are some photos of yesterday's show.

Q came to my place and did our 'spectacular' together. And beautiful girls who have done interesting show about 'Lookism' came over to my place after their show and had a little chit-chat time :)


How can I explain this feeling !!!

We(our English conversation 318-04 class) had little vocab quiz today so that was the very last time we were all together..
When Jeff, who has been and will be an awesome captain of our English 318 class forever said "Okay, bye.", I was just about to cry and I saw some tears from other girls!!!
I've never felt like this before.. It just doesn't make sense..
How could it be so difficult to say good-bye when one class, semester's finished..
It was literally 'for the first time in forever'.. 

Aww.. I had so much fun, and it's been rewarding.
I learnt a lot from Jeff since I'm dreaming of being a good educator, I got so many ideas from Jeff.
I'm sure I'm going to be in touch with all the members of our class :)

Even though I'm very sad.. I still have to do what I have to,
so ! the summary of my show is,

[Misconceptions and truths about Korea]

and there were 4 questions.

1. Do we really eat dog meat?
2. Do Koreans get plastic surgeries a lot?
3. Are Korean women submissive?
4. Do Koreans like to get along with Koreans?

Here's are comprehensive opinions from our show.

1. We used to eat dog meat when the time Korea was really poor.
And there are still people who eat dog meat or stew made out of dog meat to enhance their stamina. But it's rear. And it seems like to be thought as disgusting thing to 'eat' a dog in our generation.

2. There were 2 girls (including myself lol) who ever got plastic surgery among 6 girls from last talk show. So it seems like it's true that Koreans get plastic surgery. But as you can see not everyone, not a lot. According to the girls talk show about 'lookism' which was done next to my turn, it's kind of important to have good looking in Korea. Good looking has become one of a good qualifications for our resume for job-searching. So it's true that we are considering getting plastic surgery to get a good job or better appearance but not everyone is getting it and it's still difficult decision to make.

3. Dongmin (one of the participants from yesterday) said "NOPE" as soon as I popped this question lol. Are Korean women submissive? When Korea was Choseon dynasty (1392~1910), we were highly influenced by Confucian ideas. And according to Confucianism, Women have to support men, men can't go into kitchen, do the chores.. kind of like that. So male sex was considered as more important than female sex. Since my grandmothers generations were influenced by that Confucianism, they are very submissive. They babysat by themselves and did all the chores. But now, it's 2014. Women powers are getting stronger, right? so are in Korea as well. So, we are not submissive I think, but we do respect men :)

4. It's true that hanging out with companies who came from each others' countries makes us feel relaxed and comfortable. Because we can understand each others' better. Maybe that's the reason why foreigners can see many Koreans getting along with themselves. And being afraid of talking in English can be one of the reason as well. We have some idea that speaking English not perfectly is kind of embarrassing. Koreans like perfection. I think we are on our way to change our thoughts but it's still difficult to raise our hands and speak loudly. Anyway.. so, we can't say it's Korean thing to get along with someone who came from each others' countries, right? Because I'm sure everyone will enjoy spending time with homies :) 

Okay! So that was pretty much about last night.

I'll keep on posting on my blog. It became my precious asset :)

I'm looking forward to meeting our companies from Eng318 in another class next semester.

T_T had so much fun with you guys,

love you so so so much, please let's keep in touch..

with lots of blessings, Grace


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